Programmatic Buying

date: 13.01.20

With each passing day, marketers are increasing their share in digital advertising, largely due to the fact that marketers continue to successfully test and develop this area. RTB is the dominant method of programmatic buying, it accounts for more than 90% of all expenses of the international media market.

Nevertheless, market growth will continue to change the behavior of both sides of the business, which in turn will open the world beyond banner advertising. In this world, advertisers will be able to maintain a level of control over pricing, but will also be able to meet demand in real time based on real knowledge about the consumer.

It is only important to remember what has changed the world of advertising forever – any type of programmatic buying comes down to data and only relevant data is the driving force behind this entire automated machine. Data has allowed media buying to become more automated, efficient, cost-effective, and brands to learn more about their consumers and be able to respond instantly to audience behaviour.

Along with classic RTB audience buying, YUKA ADV offers cross-channel placement on mobile devices, providing large-scale coverage and high efficiency for advertisers while maintaining quality and reliability.

As mobile web surfing continues to grow, advertisers and marketers are looking for more effective ways to optimize ads, display them correctly on mobile devices, and thus increase consumer impact.

YUKA ADV, with its extensive experience in Mobile programmatic buying for all types of mobile devices, helps advertisers meet these challenges and effectively optimises each ad display in real time, allowing them to get the highest CPM.