Banner advertising at Antalya Airport

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date: 20.02.21

YUKA ADV finds only creative solutions of the highest quality for business development, and one of them is advertising at Antalya airport.

  • Antalya Airport meets international and local airlines on a daily basis, with thousands of people with high purchasing power on board — these are your potential customers. In 2018, the number of passengers here reached a record 32,000,000 people.
  • At the airport, people are usually relaxed and are in anticipation of new emotions and impressions. Therefore, advertising for them becomes part of the journey, positive associations with the brands they see are consolidated.
  • According to research, the average person spends at least 90 minutes at the airport, and this time is enough for an effective and meaningful perception of advertising. These are huge opportunities for companies seeking to reach as many people from different countries as possible.

To achieve this goal, the YUKA ADV team is ready to become your reliable partner: link to the presentation with a detailed description of advertising opportunities

Our company uses all types and materials of advertising messages, from self-adhesive vinyl floor printing to three-dimensional models of robots in the top visibility zone of passengers. In addition, the attention of people is perfectly attracted by illuminated banners of various formats and large exhibition stands with an area of 25 m2.

In 2020, the YUKA ADV team placed outdoor advertising in the baggage claim hall within the framework of cooperation with Zelenaya Dubrava LLC.