Audience Buying

YUKA ADV has developed its own buying platform with integration of major tools: Google 360, Facebook, Instagram, VK Group and Yandex, providing access to target groups across all channels, top publishers and platforms. We use this platform to dynamically optimize advertising purchase, which makes it more efficient and improves targeting. With transparent accounting for media, technology and agency costs, you don’t have to worry about hidden markups and fees.

We provide full access to Programmatic inventory for display, video, social media, mobile, native, audio and TV formats, as well as real-time bidding (RTB) and direct buying for all devices, channels and media formats.

From retargeting to search engine queries, we identify multiple strategies and target critical touch points along the consumer’s journey to maximize the impact of your online advertising.

We run these campaigns in a 100% brand safe environment, using personalized and innovative real-time formats.

Using our approach based solely on data and machine prediction algorithms, we continuously assess the data we receive during campaigns and create personalized strategies to attract users who have demonstrated a tendency to interact with your brand and convert.



Do you want to reach your target groups with the right message at the right time on the right channel? We select the platforms for your advertising and identify the appropriate data sets to ensure the most effective targeting.


Do you want to understand exactly what factors contributed to the success of your campaign? At the start of your campaign, we create a complex tracking tool to create a reporting system that consolidates and clearly displays performance data from all platforms, giving you a unique insight into the behaviour and attributes of your online audience.


Do you want to get the most out of your media costs? We optimize your campaign based on real-time performance indicators. Depending on your strategic goal, we can optimize coverage, traffic or conversion.

Market segmentation and data processing Discover why Yuka is the best solution for your business!

Constantly updated database on the market
Flexible pricing policy
Optimal solutions for digital marketing
Full data security
Continuous access to current data for cost optimization and high efficiency of your business tactics

Segmentation capabilities for programmatic buying

Segmentation of your own audience, using ready-made segments
Analysis of audience segments and effectiveness of advertising tools, high accuracy of audience layout by age and gender
Offering the most promising audience segments
Easy export of segments to all key demand side platforms

A new level of data management and analytics

Improving internal CRM with third-party data
Customized audience analysis solutions
In-depth analytics and segmentation of current consumers by dozens of parameters
Identification of the most distinctive features of the audience interested in communication (affinity index)

Enhanced opportunities for your business

Detailed analysis of audience behavior at the points of contact with the brand
Creating segments based on semantic analysis of the page content
Predicting missing data for segmentation based on machine learning

The cost of data processing and segmentation is from $10 per 1000 units. The fee is only for the processed data, not including the amount of raw data. You pay only for the data you use. The input data can include identifiers: iBeacon, Cookie, MAC address, IP address.