Sport Events

Sporting events are a way of entertainment for the masses following the tradition of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome epoch. Civilisations used sport as a means of distancing themselves from everyday problems. Some of these civilizations clearly understood the power of influence and the positive mood factor that can be gained from the success or failure of sporting events.

YUKA ADV is a unique team of marketing experts created to promote brands that seek to use sports as a means to achieve business goals. We create unique campaigns and projects for brands around what people are already most passionate about – sports.

YUKA ADV positions brands right in the middle of the action, creating wide media coverage. In traditional brand marketing, access to a fragmented and disinterested audience is often a challenge that needs to be addressed. Advertising on sports grounds allows brands to target passionate and loyal fans. Sports marketing can be present wherever fans gather – on sports grounds, through T-shirt sponsorships, on television, as well as on digital and social networks.

Sports: Boxing, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, ММА and much more.

In 2021, the company launched a joint project with the B-Tuning Yuka Pro Racing Team.
This opens up wide opportunities for conducting complex advertising integrations designed for long-term cooperation.


We will make sure that your brand is in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the fans’ passion for sport. Our data-driven approach ensures that our customers get everything they need to achieve their goals and target audience.


  • Sponsorship portfolio management
  • Sponsorship activation strategy
  • Production of commercials
  • Placement in social networks
  • Integration of brand information in interviews
  • Merchandising
  • UGC
  • Brand integration into sports arena