Advertising stands at Antalia Airport

date: 08.06.21

Airport advertising is a powerful tool in promoting your business and brand. Every day, Antalya Airport meets top global and local airlines, carrying thousands of people with high purchasing power, and therefore your potential customers. In 2018, the number of passengers at Antalya Airport reached a record 32,000,000!

According to research, a person spends 90 minutes or more at the airport, which gives him the opportunity to see and evaluate advertising messages. This time is enough for effective and meaningful perception of your advertisement. Thus, the aviation industry is becoming an indispensable field of advertising for brands and companies that seek to reach the largest number of people around the world.

YUKA ADV is the main expert and assistant in promoting your brand. Experience, current knowledge and modern digital technologies allow us to find the highest quality and most creative solutions for the growth and development of your business.

Our company uses all types and materials of advertising messages, from self-adhesive vinyl floor printing to volumetric models of robots in the top visibility zone of passengers. Also, the attention of people will be attracted by backlit banners of different formats, large exhibition stands with an area of ​​25 m². Any of your choices will bring results and high customer conversion.

The airport is a great place where people are relaxed, positive, in anticipation of new emotions and impressions. Advertising here is a great solution as it becomes a positive part of the journey. YUKA ADV team understands the needs

Your target audience and is ready to become a reliable partner in the world of advertising services. Our goal is your growth and prestige!